Better to Stay at Guest House rather than Hotel

Every now and then, a person has to make a decision while visiting other city, either choose a hotel or a guest house. Many people are not sure as to what is meant by a guest house and how is it different from hotel. Over the years the requirements of general population has been shifting towards a homely environment that genuinely feels like a home. Although hotels have been stating the facilities that ensure that you feel like staying in home far from home, the reality is that each and every hotel room feels exactly the same no matter which corner of the world you are in.

A Guest house is basically a house that has all the services and facilities comparable to a hotel. As the name suggests it’s like stay as a guest in a house of another person. Along with the owner of the house, it also has the administration staff to look after of all your needs. A Guest house is generally a large establishment with many rooms and general guest areas like sitting lounge and dining room.  Each room would have an attached bath.  Generally breakfast is included in due and other meals may be offered on chargeable basis. Guests typically stay for short duration of days or weeks. Guest house are provided with fully equipped kitchenettes, television sets, Wi-Fi facility, room service and 24 hours security, laundry, housekeeping among other facilities like home.

The rooms are considerably bigger which gives guests more space to relax or entertain guests, in privacy. There is more privacy as compared to lodges and hotels, since revenue of guests are lesser, leading to a quieter atmosphere. Also, guests avoid chaos of Staying close to busy, commercial areas where hotels and lodges are usually located. Most of the services are luxurious charged in hotels. Grace Guest house is best guest house located in clam n peaceful area of Islamabad. The food in a Guest houses is homely, and you have the option of cooking yourself, rather than expensive room service and dining out associated with hotels.

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